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The Smith's
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Beach - Day 1

Thomas showing off...standing....

Funny Faces
Finally....a nap! If only for 20 minutes...I'll take it!
We have spent the morning trying to regroup from a very busy....very interesting day of travel to the beach. Before leaving the Valley, our Nonnie popped in to wish a safe trip. We first stopped off in Eufaula on our way to PC. We saw Nana, Poppy, and Emma. While there, Shannon and I grabbed a quick...late lunch. We then got on the our wonderful angel mobile and headed south. Many songs, DVD's, and bottles later, we finally arrived in PC around 6:15...just past dinner time for the angels. They were more than ready to eat to say the least. Finally fed, unloaded (you should see how I pack-thank goodness my hubby is so good to me) and ready to go, we headed out for some adult dinner. We drove past several places to find endless lines and hot outside waits. We finally opted to go to one of our favorite spots....Schooners. It was about 8pm PC time the place wasn't rowdy as of yet and the angels enjoyed the music. I got the grouper I had been craving and we got enough of the salt air to satisfy us for one night. On the way home, we had an incident of major proportions....Maddy got sick all over herself, the car seat, the van seat and so on. We made a quick stop at Publix for paper towels and to calm her and then proceeded to the room for some major angel cleaning...what a mess!!!! Needless to say it was a long evening that led to a late and long night. The angels did not like their new sleeping arrangements so around 3am or so they both ended up sleeping with their daddy and I. I am praying for a smoother day today. Shannon has had to work today but we will soon be heading out for family time!!!! Hope you enjoy the pics of the angels in their terry cloth beach attire!


Heather said...

I pray for a better night tonight!! I can wait for our famil beach trip in August!!

David and Sean said...

Your twins are adorable! Very sweet pictures!

Nana said...

Maddy is always "pretty in pink"...and Thomas, the green suit makes your green eyes smile too!
Love you guys...kiss,kiss

Tiff said...

Bless her heart! Hope yall have a FABULOUS vacation from here on out! Wishing you lots of sunny days and relaxation!