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The Smith's
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Watching Daddy

As you know (if you are a regular follower of our blog), Maddy is crawling and Thomas is really reaching and pulling up on things. One of their favorite things to do is to watch their daddy. I guess they are with me all day long that I seldom excite them, but the sight of their daddy just makes them shiver and shake all is too cute! They especially love to watch their daddy on the tractor or ranger....I guess the sound of the two plus the fact that daddy is riding them makes it a great show! Well, today was no exception. Shannon was cutting grass and leveling out one of the inclines in the back and it caught the attention of Thomas. I think he is ready to ride with daddy. Well, anything that catches Thomas' attention immediately catches Maddy's. She can't miss a thing! they are. Both angels watching daddy go back and forth from the back door. Nonnie and I took them out but it was too hot to stay so the scene from the comforts of the A/C was sufficient. I also took a pic of Shannon from outside so you can see the yummy corn field that has produced some tasty silver queen...we dined on it tonight! Below the corn is the rest of the crops: squash, potatoes (harvested already) cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantelope, gourds, watermellon, beans and......I am sure I am leaving something out!
Shannon works so hard at his is a passion of his that we all get to enjoy!


Heather said...

I am so glad that yall have lots of yummy treats growing in the garden. Adam's parents planted 5 field of corn on their land and has lost EVERY field because of no rain :( One field was the silver queen for us to eat, the rest were for all the wild animals.

I love those outfits Thomas and Maddy had on!! They are too cute!!

Nana said...

I love the pics! It won't be long before they are standing at the door and beating on the glass....
Thomas will always be watching his daddy and want to be 'just like him'..take note Shannon, this is just the beginning! Maddy is already taking notes from mama!
kisses angels!