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The Smith's
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The latest in pics....

We call this "Baby Yoga"

Emma and Uncle Shannon spent a day at Shipwreck
What a big boy!
The Three -Legged Crawl
Daddy Time
The following pics are not fancy by any means...just real life around here. A couple of them are leftover from PC and the condo. Notice my beautiful....spunky...artistic niece Emma. I teased her and called her a Jamaican Hand-me-down....she got all dolled up with a hair braid, wrapped necklace and anklet and henna tattoo.....what fun!!! I will also include a pic of her at Shipwreck. Her awesome Uncle Shannon treated her to a day of fun, sun, and water.....what a blast for a gal about to enter the 3rd grade! She told Shannon she will never forget it! I think he had just as much fun! The others are from one of our family nights of fun. Shannon and I enjoy our nights of crawling and playing with Thomas and Maddy on the hardwoods just before putting the angels down for bed. They love to dare us by going after cords and shoes....we are having to work hard on the "NO" concept!!!! Hope you have a blessed day!!!


Kim said...

How sweet! Emma looks like she had a blast! Thomas and Maddy are just growing like little weeds!

Nana said...

I wish I were that's also time for cabinet locks!!!
kiss,kiss angels!!