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The Smith's
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yum Yum! I try (sometimes) to send Shannon a camera phone pic of the angels in the morning since he usually has to leave before they wake up...I loved this one because they were both smiling. It is sooooo good to see them smiling after the last two weeks of teething. I do know more teething is to come as they have the matching teeth that need to come in but so far so good...we will enjoy all the smiles we can get! Not even 10 months and they each have 6 teeth already! It is amazing how they do it at the same time...hard on us all but a shared twinsie experience nonetheless!


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

How how precious. Cherish each and every moment. They pass way to soon!
I miss my children being small~but tis the way with life. I am excited to see them each spreading their wings.
And I will soon have a grand baby~*smile*!
Have a wonderful day~

Heather said...

6 teeth a piece?? Wow... K & K still only have 2 on bottom and none even feeling like coming in

Nana said...

"Lovin those smiles"... they show off their beautiful new teeth!
kiss, kiss angels