The Smith's

The Smith's
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Before bed entertainment......

Each is a marathon of sorts trying to figure out how to keep the angels occupied and content before bedtime...and also while their daddy and I eat. We have found that the cars and jumparoo are great tools for this! Maddy is really all over the place in her jeep these days. I am most grateful to Tiffany Holiday for passing these on to us! She used to only go backward but has now mastered forward, steering, turning, and so on. She is headed for the big leagues for sure! Thomas, on the other hand, can jump like there is no tomorrow. How he doesn't end up with a headache I do not know. Last night he had us laughing as he wobbled himself underneath the chair and then out. He is fascinated by things like chairs, refrigerators, furniture, etc. I think he is wanting to pull up but hasn't quite figured it out. Hope you enjoy the pictures as Shannon and I enjoy the nighttime entertainment these two provide!!!! It is never a dull moment!

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Nana said...

aweeeee...they are so cute!
kiss,kiss angels