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The Smith's
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Buggy Ride

Here are the angels in their first buggy ride at Kroger. Usually I just put one carrier in the buggy and one on the handle bar/seat area....leaving me with little room for groceries (thank goodness for the bottom rack). However, today we attempted to ride big boy/girl style. Everything was great until Thomas got tired towards the end.....he was ready to lay it down! Hence his leaning over at the checkout line. Evidently, everyone else in Opelika decided to hit Kroger today. Thank you Kroger for the double seated buggies....we twin moms appreciate the thought!!!!


Nana said...

Another sign of growing up! It's hard to realize they are able to do this....Sure wish I had been a Kroger shopper that day! kiss,kiss angels

Kristi said...

Oh I am so so jelous. The only place around here with twin buggys is Sam's. I take both of my girls with me most of the time to Wal-mart or Kroger or Target but I put one in the seat, due to only having one seat, and wear Lexyn in the carrier sling. It works pretty good, but wears me out more than if they were both buckled in a seat. Looks like the enjoyed it for the most part.

Kim said...

Lucas loves riding in the buggy big boy style, too! He can flirt with all the ladies better that way.. lol. But, like Thomas, he is ready for some "down" time when the shopping is done. I go in Kroger "on the clock," whatever I can get in the buggy in 40 minutes is what we have for our week's groceries.. finished or not! lol