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The Smith's
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daddy's Home

Yes...that is right....our daddy is home from his final trip to least for now. He has been gone this week to finish up some loose ends and to help with transition in Augusta.....the angels were on the move and excited to see him home. They were showing off their latest skills....Maddy scoots as if she is preparing for Nascar and Thomas wants so badly to climb....he looked at the refrigerator as if it were a challenge to climb and conquer. What a joy!!!! We had our first appointment with our OB today....Dr. Stewart. We had a good visit and heard a very strong heartbeat. Nana and the angels listened in as their baby sister was letting her presence be known!!! Everything sounded great!!!


Kim said...

Welcome Home! Glad everything went good at the appointment!

Nana said...

Peek a boo, Maddy! Such a pretty girl....Go Thomas, go...(he gets so excited)...kisses you two!